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Mirva Mäki-Petäjä

1171LCF Life Coach® (2015), Mindfulness Coach CFM (2016), Neuro Coach, author and BBA.

I help my clients to understand their true motivation and potential, so they can live a better balanced life. By understanding one’s deeper beliefs, obstacles and reasons behind the actions people can change their behavior and develop on both private and occupational life areas.

I use positive psychology and solution based techniques. Neuroscience is my passion and I’ve studied how to use the knowledge in coaching. Understanding of brain plasticity and activating it is in the heart of my coaching. Did you know, that the data bank of our subconscious mind is 10 billion times bigger than the one of our conscious mind? This is why we need to understand the engine that leads our behavior.

I have years of experience in coaching people from wide professional backgrounds, public speaking and coaching content co-operation and production. Working as HR Manager in an international enterprise I’ve coached many leaders in their professional context.

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My first self-help book – Life Change – 11 true life changing growth stories.
Kosmos ISBN 978-952-7144-08-4